David Allison - Interview with an artist (video)

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Introducing Absract oils, and Mixed Media Landscapes...We first met Fine Artist David Allison, and Oliver Dempsy from Eightfifteen in late September 2014 when Pebeo was invited to the Eightfifteen exhibition in Hoxton Arches, London. We really enjoyed the show, so we invited David and Oliver back to Espace Pebeo to show us some of their favourite paintings, and to have an interview with our team for pebeo.co.uk. It was a pleasure to talk with David about his life as a professional artist, and hear what he had to say about his creative process. David Allison's dynamic paintings show a creative vision that's reflective of his journey of self-discovery, the interpretation of his daily existence and the inevitable passage of time.


Each of his abstract landscapes provide the viewer with a raw fluidity that's highlighted by layers of colourful paint offset in stark contrast to the often neutral tones of the background.


David states that he doesn't want to become complacent when creating, he wants to encourage the continuous rebirth of self through art - searching for new direction and inspiration through the emotional language of colour, and the kinetic process of application, which, for Allison often involves dripping layers, piercing, burning, and constant manipulation of traditional painting techniques. The focus on time, and geology, is evident in the dynamic nature of his pieces and the numerous textures that make David Allison's work so captivatingly unique using texture that's created form the available light in the room.


David prefers not to title his work, believing that titles can be obstructive to the viewer, he prefers the viewer to inhabit the work themselves, to come to their own conclusions, and to find their own meaning. Our recent film about David, and Eightfifteen will be released shortly.


So, in the meantime, here are a selection of some of his most recent works that were shown at Espace Pebeo.


You can also find out more at: www.eightfifteen.co.uk