Jessica Valoise - Interview with an artist

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Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jessica, but I'm mostly known as KhaciJay, which has been my artist name until recently. I'm a painter, photographer and videographer. I'm 26, born and raised in France until 2013, when I've moved to Montreal.


We really enjoy how you combine an urban aesthetic with traditional Fine Art techniques - what inspires you?

I was familiar with Fine Arts from a young age, but at age 11, I was introduced to Urban Arts. I like both. As an artist, I can be inspired by Pollock, Mondrian, Klein, Dali, just like I can be inspired by TXemy, Beyung… But every little things in this world can prove to be a source of inspiration, the streets as much as a museum.


As a talented multi-disciplinary artist, do you have a favourite medium to work with, or do you find that different mediums are more suited to different forms of expression?

I like painting first of all, for sure, but I can't do the same thing all the time. I always want to learn and explore new things. I think one can express a lot with painting, but I also like photography and video, which are different because I found they are more about reality. While painting, I feel free to do what I want, without that aspect of reality. But I do find interesting to mix different media. For example, I'm working right now on a documentary mixing video, art and social. I also find interesting that one medium can teach me something about the other one; for example a technique of video framing can bring something new to my photography techniques, or colour coding in photography about can teach me something for the painting.


What do you wish to explore in your work?

I graduated in psychology in 2009 and ever since, I have been looking for an exciting and original way to mix social and art. I have recently been exploring quantum physics and other dimensions that I would like to bring that into my art.


What draws you to working with abstract images?

I like the freedom in abstract painting. I get the autonomy to do what I wish to do, express how I feel. But also means the spectators get to interpret the works however they feel, see what they want.

When my work is exhibited, I really enjoy listening to people’s stories about my paintings, hear them express their imagination.


Do you have any upcoming creative plans or shows?

I'm planning to do a solo exhibition in 2016, for my birthday, so I'm focusing my energy on this.


If you could give advice to young artists, what would it be?

The first advice would be to stay true to yourself, to not alter your personality and to avoid trying to appeal to people. An artist’s goal should be to try to express himself, not to appeal to others. Secondly, it's to develop your inspiration sources:  try meet some artists, have a mentor, but also interact with crowds from a different horizon. Travel, learn, explore, observe, listen, try new things and come out of your comfort zone. Believe in yourself and keep going.


-And finally, which is your favourite Pebeo product?

It's difficult to say, because I use only Pebeo products, acrylic, watercolour, textile... I will say Mixed Media, with Moon, Prisme, Vitrail and Ceramic, because they are really unique.