Corinne Natel - Interview with an artist

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Corinne Natel is a London based artist, creating abstract contemporary paintings, specialising in acrylic and mixed media. She has a BA Honours Degree in Media Production and also works as a freelance website designer whilst producing fantastic abstract pieces.She is represented by Caiger Contemporary Art and Curious Duke Gallery in London


Can you please introduce yourself?

I'm from North West London and work as a freelance website designer and abstract artist. I love painting and I'm always creating new pieces. I have sold works in the UK and internationally, exhibited in solo and group shows, as well as at a London Hotel and Art Fairs.




Have you always painted?

I was creative from a young age and enjoyed painting. I came to a crossroads at degree level of choosing to study Fine Art or Media Production. I thought I should study Media Production. I went onto to work as a web designer which was quite creative. After a few years of working I knew something was missing. I started painting again and knew that was the missing piece! I then got the opportunity to leave my job and do some freelance web design work and this enabled me to have the freedom to paint more and more and develop my art career. Painting is my ultimate passion and I feel lost if I don't paint for a while.


What do you enjoy the most about painting?

I love how painting makes me feel a sense of freedom, escapism and is the ultimate form of expression. I enjoy how I can go on a journey when painting, from a blank white canvas to creating something new.



How does your work as a freelance website designer inform your practice as an abstract painter?

It is a different form of creativity and I enjoy the balance between the two disciplines. Sometimes it is refreshing to leave painting and work on the computer to then come back to painting. I always laugh at how I can't 'edit undo (Ctrl Z)' a painting mistake


What draws you to working with abstract images?

I am fascinated by abstract works and how people can interpret them differently. The ideas and emotions you can find from looking at something abstract is very inspiring.



We love your colour selection, can you talk to us about the contrast between the softness of your purples and pinks against bolder greys, gold and black?

Colour investigation is very important to me. I am drawn to beautiful and pretty feminine colours but then have that contrast of darkness, so colours that look pretty but not perfectly pretty. Pretty dark mess with space is what I am trying to create.


Your artworks are a balance of painted colourful surfaces and empty white spaces, are the white spaces important to you and why?

When I was studying art my art teacher introduced me to the works of Alberto Giacometti, who is one of my ultimate inspirations. Although my work now does not reflect his type of work, I learnt so much from his pieces, which focused on investigating space and how this worked in relation to his subjects. I am always looking for the space in artworks. It is creating that perfect balance between matter and space that flows and breathes.


Is it fair to say your work is feminine?

Yes! I guess it's my expression coming through and that is quite feminine.


And finally what is your favourite Pebeo product?

Oh so many and often unexpected products! I love Onyx Fantasy Prisme but all of the Ceramic and Vitrail paints are fantastic!


See more of Corinne's work on her website:;



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