Nancy Wood: Alchemy in movement

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Nancy Wood: Alchemy in movement.


Self taught artist, successful businesswoman and a true a pioneer in exploring new techniques, materials and ways to express her art, meeting Nancy Wood is as fascinating as her work:


After finishing her Business Studies Degree, Nancy started working for a shipping line when the Iron Curtain came down and she was appointed to make negotiations to bring Western products to go into Moscow and Siberia, until her husband, also a successful businessman and keen sailor wanted to sail across the Atlantic, which required both giving up their jobs.


“We were half way across the Bay of Biscay when my husband received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. He flew back from Spain for the interview. Our deal was we converted the attic into a studio so I could paint; what I’d always wanted to do.”


As a result Nancy produced large, bold flowers. She joined and exhibited with the Floral Society and was soon offered a contract with DeMontfort Fine Art with whom she stayed for seven years, selling 14 limited editions and over 400 originals.[1]


Later on, using her knowledge of pigments and how they attract and repel each other, Nancy began to explore paint effects in watercolours and inspired by the work of Paul Jenkins and Holten Rower she focused on evolving patterns made by these pigments and realised the only way to capture these beautiful effects was through photography done with a powerful lens.


“I’m not a photographer, I’m an artist, but I have to use the macro-lens while the paints react with each other to capture the right image since the effects cannot be seen with the naked eye, so my camera is covered with paint; it’s a work of art by itself.

My inspiration comes from deep space photography, microscopic images of the natural world and from the paint itself, I create the right circumstances for paints to react and then capture the movement. I’m like an Alchemist trying to find ways of making pigments play, forming patterns that can be quite literally awe inspiring.


Recently, Nancy has been working with resin, creating original pieces like “Satellite View”, “Curiosity” and “Flight Of Fantasy”, which will be displayed at the Menier Gallery for the Pébéo Mixed Media Exhibition 2018 as Guest Artist and independent judge, which she is happy to be part of and describes the Pébéo Art Prize as  A wonderful opportunity for  emerging and established artists to have their work shown in a prestigious London gallery.  I am very impressed by the exceptionally high standard of the curators’ shortlist and look forward to participating in the judging process”.


Visit the Menier Gallery from the 26th to the 29th of June to have the chance to admire Nancy’s work. 


"Satelite View"

Nancy Wood