"Gedeo" Pearl Resins

"Gedeo" Pearl Resins

Low-odor, easy-to-use, two-component epoxy resin system (resin and hardener).

Three opaque, luminous and homogenous colours.

Solid with a pearlescent finish and no shrinking when dry.

Can be mixed with each other or with Gédéo Crystal and Pearl Resins to create infinite shades and effects application. 

Mix two parts resin for one part of hardener. Can be applied in layers to create overlays. 

Resins may be used in combination with Fantasy Prisme and Moon colours, Vitrail, Ceramic and Studio Acrylics colours and mediums to create a wide range of magnificent effects such as precious stones, marbling, glass-like effects and more. 

Can be used to secure and fasten small objects on flat surfaces by embedding them in a coat of freshly applied resin. 

Completely dry in approximately 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the application.


May be cast in silicone moulds, or be directly poured on most raw or painted surfaces (once completely dry) : Pébéo Liquid Art Panels, glass, canvas, metal, mirror, plexiglas, plastic, ceramic, as well as on jewelry bases and decorative objects.

Helpful hints 

To add depth and striated effects, pour Gédéo Pearl Resins into transparent Gédéo Crystal and Colour Resins. For layered effects, apply a first thin layer ; allow to cure, and then pour a second layer. To embed inclusions, pour a thin layer of resin first, allow to cure, add objects, and pour a second layer to retain them. Ideal for Mixed Media applications: inclusions, casting objects, collage, or simply poured as a liquid paint for abstract results.

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